[VIDEO] Would This Assault Justify Drawing Your Firearm?

A reader sent us this video and posed the question; would this be just cause for drawing your firearm if you were the person in this video being attacked?

Short answer: You bet your a$$ it would be.

One person against a dozen or more is more than justified for using lethal force, likely in all 50 states. You need to, typically, prove that you were in fear of grave bodily harm and/or death. If you can do that and were concerned to that point at the time, you would be in the clear in the eyes of any sane DA or jury.

But what about…

Just to make things interesting, what about if you’re a witness to an attack like this? Would you… could you… intervene to help the victim?

Grand Rapids, Michigan — Grand Rapids police are asking for help identifying a group of people involved in a downtown assault that was captured on video.

The attack occurred about 10:15 p.m. Tuesday, July 28, in the area of Monroe Avenue and Louis Street NW near Rosa Parks Circle. Police released video of the assault Monday.

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