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Gov. Kristi Noem Drops Actual 2A Executive Order During NRA Annual Meetings

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA — During the 2023 NRA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem delivered a speech that included the unexpected signing of an executive order, according to Indy Star.

The order prevents state agencies from partnering with large banks that discriminate against the firearm industry. Noem’s 25-minute speech took place as part of a three-day event featuring exhibitions, live speakers, and demonstrations on gun safety and products.

The governor emphasized the diversity of NRA supporters, noting that they are not just older white men but people like herself.

She shared anecdotes about her childhood with firearms and the importance of hunting trips in her family.

Additionally, Noem criticized President Joe Biden and liberals, questioning their intentions to take away guns and suggesting that it would enable them to infringe on other rights more easily.

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