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Gas Station Robbery Thwarted By Armed Customer Who Shot Suspect Multiple Times

CASS COUNTY, MICHIGAN — An attempted robbery at a gas station in Southwest Michigan was foiled when a legally armed customer intervened, leading to the hospitalization of the suspected assailant, according to the Village of Cassopolis Police Chief Todd McMichael. The incident occurred at the Stone Lake Marathon Gas Station in Cassopolis, near the Indiana border, late on Thursday, July 27.

Responding to reports of a shooting and attempted armed robbery, police arrived to find a man suffering multiple gunshot wounds and being held at gunpoint by another. The latter individual, confirmed to possess a valid Michigan concealed pistol license, was a patron at the gas station when the attempted robbery occurred.

The armed customer reportedly shot the suspect multiple times in self-defense, maintaining control of the situation until police arrived. The suspect was later transported to the South Bend Memorial Hospital and is currently in stable condition.

Additionally, police found the suspect’s car and arrested a woman on the scene for possession of methamphetamine and an outstanding warrant for the same. Authorities are withholding names until the investigation is complete and potential legal proceedings are underway. Further details remain undisclosed as the case continues to be active.

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