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Armed Robber Doesn’t Know What Hit Him After Armed Clerk Shoots Him In The Face

Three armed robbers walk into a store.

This sounds like the beginning of a joke, but the end is anything but funny.

As these three armed thugs barge in, the first one fires a round at the clerk, who is ducking for cover behind the register.

From a different camera angle, we can see a gun in the clerk’s hand. He pops up quickly, fires one shot and then goes right back down to a safer place.

That one shot landed on target, striking one of the robbers in the face.

As he goes down hard, the other two run for their lives, ultimately leaving their buddy behind because, well, he didn’t make it.

Getting to a safer place is key, and this clerk was able to hold them off long enough to get a good shot off, and that one shot is all that was needed to send all three fleeing for their lives.

Well, two of them fleeing.

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