Knife Wielding Man Shot, Killed After Attacking Two People

RUSKIN, FLORIDA — Crazy Florida Man and Florida Woman story out of Ruskin. A women gets into an altercation with a man who tries to stab her. She calls a friend over to help her, and that is when things turned deadly.

Law enforcement responded just after 12:30 a.m. Sunday to the area of 7th Street SW and Oceanside Circle on a call about a shooting, according to a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office news release.

Deputies found the man dead with a gunshot wound in the front yard.

It’s believed he attacked a woman with a knife earlier in the evening. She called another male acquaintance for help and at some point, the two men began arguing outside the home, the sheriff’s office says.

The man with a knife stabbed the other before getting shot.

No charges have been filed, however, an investigation is ongoing.

Via 10News

The Breakdown:

As the article states, a man with the knife attacked a woman who managed to get away without being stabbed or sliced. The reason for this attack is not stated. After she fled and managed to get to safety, she called a male friend for help.

Sometime later that male friend responded to her request for help and showed up at her home. Together they went and confronted the man who had attacked her earlier, as he was apparently still nearby her home.

As the two men got into an altercation, the knife attacker this time managed to stab the other male. That is when the stabbed male retrieved his firearm and killed the attacker.

The Bad:

There is all sorts of bad things in this story, it’s hard to decide where to begin. Let’s start with the woman. After surviving a knife attack and fleeing somewhere safe, what did she do? Well she didn’t call the police, and that was the first mistake.

A crime was committed, a life was in danger, this is exactly what the police are supposed to handle. Instead she called a male friend and asked him to come over and take care of the situation.

Now, she just put her friends life in danger by asking him to go confront someone who is known to be armed. Secondly, it was bad for the male friend to oblige. I know the male ego is conditioned to want to respond to the pleas of a damsel in distress, but under the circumstances he should have told her to call the police.

If he wanted to help her out, he could have gone and kept her safe until police arrived, and helped her through the process of reporting the crime. Taking your gun and going out looking for trouble is never a good idea.

The Good

The only real good thing we can point out here is that the shooter came prepared, but was not reckless. He did not show up to confront the man with his weapon drawn. Nor did he brandish the gun with bravado to try and intimidate the knife attacker.

He wasn’t reckless on the draw either. It was only after he was attacked and stabbed, that he drew his firearm and shot. For this reason, the police have not pressed charges. Under these circumstances it was correctly a self defensive gun use situation.

Hopefully, the shooter only brought the gun in the event he was attacked. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt that he was a reluctant shooter, and would have preferred to solve the situation differently. In that regard, he was smart and prepared for whatever could have happened. Having a firearm on him while confronting a dangerous man, known to be wielding a deadly weapon was a good choice.

However, next time, let consider calling the police to handle this matter.

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