Report: Man Shoots Charging Bear in His Own Garage


SEMINOLE COUNTY, FL — A man was forced to shoot and kill a black bear he found in his garage which reportedly charged him, WESH 2 reports.

That certainly terrified the bear, which abandoned its charge and ran off to a nearby property, where it died.

As WESH 2 reports:

Officials said the bear was just walking up and down Thistlewood Circle.

John Ray said he likes seeing bears in the Sweetwater Oaks neighborhood, but he’s careful to keep his doors and refrigerators closed. Ray showed WESH 2 News photos of the bears in driveways, walking through grass and strolling along the sidewalk.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said they were called to the neighborhood on a report of a bear attack. Officials said they learned the bear was in someone’s garage, when a person in the home claimed it charged at him so he shot it.

According to officials, the bear ran across the street and through a yard before collapsing on another property. The bear later died. FWC’s website states shooting a black bear in Florida is generally illegal unless it’s necessary to avoid imminent death or serious bodily injury, the person did not intentionally or recklessly put himself in that situation and/or there was no other adequate means to avoid the threat.

You can see the photos shared at the link above.

Now, I love bears. They’re cute, cuddly, and delicious if you live in an area where you can harvest. I’m glad, like most outdoorsmen, that conservation efforts have kept this species at numbers high enough we can expect to see them around for years to come.

All affection, as the man noted, has its limits, however. You have to be cautious; these are big creatures! If it’s between you and a bear — that’s not a question.

Stay safe, and of course, if you can avoid situations like these, get the heck out of the way. They won’t stay around your place forever.

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