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Cracker Barrel Employee Allegedly Shot Up By One Of A Trio Of Children


ST. CHARLES, MO — A trio of teenage boys have been arrested following the shooting of a Cracker Barrel employee in a restaurant parking lot, according to reports.

Early Monday morning, an unnamed 52-year-old Cracker Barrel employee claimed that he started his car outside his restaurant to warm it up and went back outside to throw some garbage in a dumpster and found three people tampering with his car, KTVI reports.

The man yelled at the alleged perpetrators, who turned out to be 14-, 15-, and 16-year-old children, and one of them produced a handgun and shot at him.

The worker was reportedly hit in the elbow and buttocks. He was taken to a local hospital and, fortunately, is not in critical condition.

The three kids allegedly bolted in a car, and an “intense police search” ensued, according to KTVI.

Later than morning, the car in question was found at the side of a local highway with a flat tire.

That car had been reported stolen Sunday, and it wasn’t the only car these kids seem to have taken. After “their” car popped a tire, the three allegedly went to a trash dump and stole a work truck.

That truck was found crashed not far away, and the three boys and three girls were found nearby. They bolted when they saw law enforcement.

All three boys were eventually apprehended, and were being held at the St. Louis County Juvenile Court at the time of the KTVI report.

The gun used hadn’t yet been found.

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