Man Kicks Down Door, Woman Has Gun On The Other Side And Uses It


BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA — A man attempted to gain entry to a woman’s home by breaking down the door. Thankfully, she had a gun and she retrieved it. As she escorted him out at gun point, he threatened to bash apart her car. Undeterred, she kept on him as he walked away. But Jasmine Franklin, 29, wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer.

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“[The victim] advised she did not want Franklin at her residence and told him to leave,” states the report. “[She] advised that Franklin beat on her door repeatedly and eventually kicked in her door causing the door to have damage.”

Once outside, the news report says that Franklin lunged at the woman. She shot him once and the bullet struck his arm. He fled the scene but police picked him up a short while afterwards.

“Franklin eventually left out of the residence but advised [her] he would damage her car,” the report continues. “[She] followed Franklin out into the parking lot still holding the gun and told him to leave.”

He has prior convictions related to violence and is no stranger to the court system. This was a man unafraid of force being used against him. He was unafraid to use force to achieve his means. If she had not been willing and able to pull the trigger, she would have been his next victim.

Violent battery, assault, and intimidation are serious things. Most law-abiding citizens don’t want to be stuck in the situation where they have to use a gun to protect themselves. Unfortunately, for violent criminals, they count on that.

Hesitation in the face of danger can be fatal.

When the police arrived, they initially misidentified the woman as the aggressor. Franklin likely claimed he was the victim in the face of police attention. However, police quickly learned the truth: Franklin forcefully broke into her home and threatened force against her. When he exhibited the willingness to take that force to the next level, she defended herself appropriately.

This is another factor that plagues law-abiding gun owners: being identified as the ‘good guy’. When police arrive, they may hear all sorts of false tales. Criminals, especially wounded ones, love to play the ‘victim’ card when it suits them. This makes police work all the harder as they quickly try to determine who the bad guy in the scenario actually is.

Thankfully, Baton Rouge police were able to identify that Franklin was a man with a storied, violent past. An inspection of the premises quickly corroborated the victim’s story. She helped investigators walk backwards through the event and piece it together.

If you’re ever caught in this situation, I would advise you to have an attorney on hand. While most police have nothing but good intentions, it’s important to ensure you have good legal representation when discussing details of a violent event.

Carry everyday and, above all else, be willing to use that gun if you need to defend yourself.

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