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Two Suspects Shot By Concealed Carrier During Possible Attempted Carjacking In Chicago

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Two suspects were shot by a CCL holder after shooting at him in what was believed to be an attempted carjacking in Chicago’s Loop.

The shooting occurred Saturday, December 10th at around 3:37 am. The incident occurred in the 0-100 block of West Randolph Street in the Loop. Chicago police reported that the armed citizen, a 31-year-old man, was walking to his car at that location. The occupants of a red SUV drove by the armed citizen and fired multiple shots at him.

The man being attacked, a CCL holder, returned fire at the SUV which fled the scene. The armed citizen was not injured in the exchange of gunfire. He reported seeing an unknown person getting out of his vehicle and also fleeing. Police stated that shortly after the shooting, two suspects, both in their 20s, were located at area hospitals with gunshot wounds and were taken into custody. A third suspect remains at large.

Residents of the area have reported an uptick in criminal activity. The shooting is the second in a week by a CCL holder fending off a criminal act in Chicago. The incident remains under investigation by Chicago police.

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