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Husband Goes To Dentist Office To Kill Wife, Is Then Shot By Armed Patient

Photo courtesy WCYB

KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE — A man went into a dentist office with the intentions of killing his wife, who works at the location. Whatever led up to his wanting to commit murder of his own wife, he probably wasn’t thinking about the possibility of someone being armed at the location.

It just so happens that a patient was in the office at the time, and that patient was an armed citizen.

Once that concealed carrier saw the threat, he fired and struck the man multiple times.

The woman who was shot by her husband did not survive.

There is no word on the man’s condition, but police say he was shot at least 5 times by the armed citizen.

The armed citizen is being hailed a hero by Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy. The citizen, who was not identified, shot the suspect and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

This man could have been wanting to kill others after his wife, but wasn’t given the opportunity. It’s a terrible thing to see that he was successful with his actions, but it’s great to see this armed citizen step in and stop the threat before it could continue or get away.

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