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Two Teens Try To Rob A Store With A Rifle, Store Clerk Shoots Them Both

AMARILLO, TEXAS — Two teens walked into a store armed with a rifle, hoping to make off with a quick robbery. However, an armed clerk at the store had other ideas.

According to Amarillo Police, the two suspects walked into the store with a rifle and attempted to rob the clerk. APD said the clerk had a handgun and shot both suspects.

Officials on scene told MyHighPlains.com the two were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Police told us one of the suspects, Queshon Johnson, 17, died from his injuries at the hospital. The other suspect, a 15-year-old boy, was shot in the lower extremities and taken to surgery.

Via Myhighplains.com

The latest report from this story tells us that one of the teens has since died of his wounds. The other teen is in critical condition.

The police are not pressing charges against the armed citizen, as this was an act of self defense.

The story does not say where the rifle came from or how the boys obtained it. We also don’t know if either if the teens had a criminal background, or if this was their first attempt at a life of crime. In either case, they came up against a legally armed citizen and paid the price for it.

It is always unfortunate when someone dies over things like this. Hopefully, the surviving teen uses this tragedy to change his course in life.

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