Uber Driver Has Fanny Pack With Gun Stolen, 4 People Arrested

FAYETTE COUNTY, GEORGIA — In early January, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office apprehended four individuals for allegedly stealing a firearm from an Uber driver. The incident occurred when the suspects reportedly fled with the driver’s fanny pack, which contained a gun.

The suspects, identified as Tyrek Nolley, Gregory Stone, Alexis Howard-Reynolds, and Zaneya Jeffries, were later apprehended by deputies who also recovered the missing firearm.

Nolley and Stone were found to have existing warrants from various counties. Despite the arrest, the fanny pack and additional personal items stolen from the Uber driver have not been located.

Carrying on-person can keep your firearm more secure than in an off-person location, such as a fanny pack. Always knowing where your gun is, and maintaining control over it needs to be a top priority.

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