Why We Carry: Teen, Mom And Bystander Stabbed By Ex-Boyfriend Of Teen At Restaurant

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, FLORIDA — An incident involving a Florida teenager, Spencer Pearson, who reportedly stabbed a 17-year-old girl and her mother outside a local restaurant, has left the community in shock. The assault took place in the parking lot of Mr. Chubby’s Wings in Ponte Vedra Beach, with Pearson reportedly inflicting his own life-threatening injuries in a suicide attempt following the attack.

Upon arrival at the scene, law enforcement discovered three injured individuals, including the attacker. One of the victims was identified as Madison Schemitz, a senior and softball player at Ponte Vedra High School, who is now critically hospitalized with paralysis due to a spinal cord injury. Her mother, Jacki Roge, underwent surgery following the incident. A third victim, Kennedy Armstrong, who tried to intervene, was discharged from the hospital after treatment.

Pearson, currently hospitalized due to his self-inflicted injuries, has been served with an arrest warrant for charges including aggravated battery and attempted murder. He reportedly has a prior relationship with Schemitz and had been accused of harassment following their break-up.

The attack reportedly occurred when Schemitz and Roge saw Pearson at the restaurant and tried to avoid contact by leaving. Pearson allegedly attacked them shortly after, stabbing Schemitz approximately 15 times.

To help with the ongoing medical costs, friends of the family have set up two GoFundMe campaigns. The fundraisers are nearing their goals of $39,000 and $100,000 respectively. The funds raised will be used to support medical and related expenses.

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