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Armed Ride-Share Driver Saves Woman From Sex Trafficking Ring


SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — A man accused of engaging in sex trafficking is in custody after a woman escaped from him, resulting in a shootout between the suspect and her rescuer.

The 20-year-old victim, identified as “H.A”, was brought from California to Seattle for the purposes of sex solicitation. The suspect was identified as 30-year-old Winston Burt. Burt used a street alias of “Dice Capone” and trafficked multiple women to the tune of $2000 a day. Burt’s enterprise stretched over three states with multiple victims, according to documents filed by the District Attorney’s Office.

Police state that “H.A” had been trafficked by Burt for a four-month period before telling him she wanted to return home. Burt kept the women in an AirBnB rental home, located in South Seattle. Burt would intimidate and assault the women to keep them from trying to leave. “H.A” told Seattle Police that she was badly beaten on November 2nd after telling Burt she wanted to leave.

“H.A” attempted to flee three days after the beating but was forcibly stopped by Burt. “H.A” then ran upstairs in the rented home and jumped from a third-story window. “H.A” was able to flag down a car with two women. Before they could aid her, two women who allegedly worked for Burt forced her into Burt’s Mercedes. She was driven to a motel previously used by Burt for sex trafficking.

“H.A.”, clad only in her underwear, fled from Burt’s vehicle at the motel. She ran to an adjoining highway and laid down in the middle of the highway in an attempt to get assistance. A ride-share driver picked up “H.A.” Burt began pursuing the ride-share driver’s van, shooting at the driver during the encounter. The driver was also armed and returned fire. The exchange of gunfire lasted several blocks. The driver was finally able to contact police at a gas station on Interstate 5.

Burt was arrested shortly after the shootout as he left the AirBnB home. He is charged with multiple charges of sex trafficking, assault and prostitution promotion. Burt was being held on a $750,000 bond. No injuries were reported as a result of the shootout between Burt and the ride-share driver. Prosecutors believe that another woman employed by Burt may be attempting to contact “H.A.”. in a witness-tampering effort.

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