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Burglar Shot And Killed After Trying To Enter Armed Citizen’s Home

LOCKLAND, OHIO — Authorities are still investigating the circumstances behind an alleged armed home invasion involving four suspects that ended with one dead and neighbors shocked.  Cincinnati WLWT reported recently on a resident who called for police after fatally shooting one armed robber who had entered his home.  Conflicting reports suggest multiple suspects were involved but, in either case, a clear threat was presented and the occupant is cooperating with authorities.

According to the 911 dispatch provided through WLWT Cincinnati, the resident called police after the remaining suspects had fled.  The suspect who had been fatally shot was allegedly laying on the floor bleeding out when the resident put in the call.

“I need the police here.  Guy just tried to come in here and cut my throat and he’s dying on the floor.”

The armed robber who had been shot died at the scene.  The remaining robbers were stopped for questioning by police when they responded to the scene.  A fourth accomplice, who had stayed inside the vehicle, had managed to flee before police arrived.

While neighbors were not surprised to see police presence in the area, there were bystanders extremely surprised to see who’s house had been attacked.  Apparently, the guy these home invaders tried to assault is a well known member of his community — known for standing up for himself and his neighbors.

“He’s a defender, you know, he defends his community. He defends himself, quite naturally,” one Lockland resident said to WLWT. “What would you do if somebody came in your home?

Police secured a knife and a gun at the scene of the crime, suggesting that the home invaders not only intended to do harm to the occupant but came prepared with illegal tools of their own.

Thankfully, this is a case of a good guy with a gun ready to greet the wolves at the door.

It’s unfortunate that a man has to live in fear of retribution for refusing to bow to the scum and villainy prowling about outside his home.  Thankfully, there will be one less bad guy looking to knock down his door.

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