Drunk Man Shot By Homeowner After Mistakenly Entering Wrong House — Hell Of A Way To Sober Up

CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS — A drunken man and his wife mistakenly entered a home three blocks away from their intended destination. When the homeowner confronted him, they got into an altercation before the homeowner shot him once in the shoulder.

According to Central Illinois Proud News, the couple admitted they had been drinking heavily and mistook the home for the place they were meaning to go. The injured man was taken to the hospital and treated for his gunshot wound. The homeowner ALSO had to go to the hospital with reported chest pains possibly related to the rush of adrenaline of suddenly having to confront two complete strangers entering his home.

The homeowner’s wife called 911 and police are still investigating the scene. Initial reports suggest the homeowner was well within his rights to defend himself and his wife despite the inebriated couple’s mistake.

It’s not irresponsible to challenge a man entering into your home. It sucks that an otherwise probably alright dude had to take a round to the shoulder before he figured out he was in the wrong place but that’s also why you don’t immediately jump into confrontation with a homeowner. The homeowner has NO WAY of knowing what this person’s intentions were.

It could have been a home invasion as easily as a simple mistake.

If anything, this incident is on the inebriated couple’s shoulders — not the homeowner’s. That poor homeowner nearly had a heart attack.

We’re glad both parties managed to escape this situation without irreversible damage to one another. It just goes to show that homeowners tend to take their domicile’s safety seriously and it’s something we should all respect.

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