Don’t Go After Suspects, Don’t Turn Your Back, And Lock The Door If Possible


A lot of things that we share on here are for learning experiences, because there are real-world incidents that are captured on video every single day. Each one is unique, and each one offers opportunities to learn how we can be better prepared if faced with something similar.

The video below shows two men in some type of confrontation, and the guy with the stick goes outside and is apparently looking to fight the other guy.

The other guy, by my best guess, is an employee or the owner of the store they both just came out of. If my assumption is correct, the best thing to have done once the aggressor left the building is to lock the door and call police.

That didn’t happen, however, but at least the guy had a big ol’ can of pepper spray that he used when the attacker advanced.

Nice work, except the man with the pepper spray walks back towards the store and is no longer paying attention to the attacker, who is again approaching him with a big ol’ stick.

More pepper spray, and the attacker has finally had enough.

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