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Sarasota Deputies Shoot And Kill Armed Domestic Violence Suspect


SARASOTA, FLORIDA — A man who pointed a gun at his girlfriend was shot and killed by deputies responding to a call Sunday morning. The incident occurred around 9 am on Tarawa drive.

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman stated that deputies were responding to a call by a female who told 911 operators that her boyfriend, 47-year-old Brian Underwood awakened her by holding a gun to her face. An argument between the two the previous evening led to the altercation. Underwood threatened her again while she was placing the call.

Upon their arrival, deputies attempted to get Underwood to come outside. Underwood would not comply, choosing instead to speak with deputies by phone. Underwood eventually allowed deputies inside the residence. Underwood initially led deputies to believe he was unarmed. As four deputies entered the residence, Underwood produced a firearm and chambered a round in front of them. Underwood attempted to point his weapon at the deputies. Two of the deputies present fired on Underwood. Underwood was killed in the shooting.

Underwood’s girlfriend had ensconced herself in a back room during the ordeal. The house is allegedly owned by Underwood’s mother.

Underwood had a previous domestic battery arrest in 2014 in Citrus County. Sarasota deputies had also been to the Underwood residence before Sunday’s incident. There were no other injuries reported. Sheriff’s officials withheld the name of the victim and deputies, pending further investigation.

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