Teen Dies After He And A Friend Take Turns Shooting Each Other While Wearing Body Armor


BELLEVIEW, FLORIDA — A teen is dead after police say he took turns with a friend shooting each other while wearing body armor.

Joshua Vining, 17, and Colton Whitler, 17, were both arrested by police. Vining is facing aggravated manslaughter while Whitler is facing charges of providing false information to police.

The incident happened on April 3rd, and police were called to a home and found Christoper Leroy Broad Jr., who was taken to the hospital but later died.

“Through the investigation, it was determined that Vining and Broad were taking turns shooting at each other while wearing a vest which contained a form of body armor. Vining shot at Broad while he was wearing the vest, and he was struck,” the police department said.

Both are being charged as adults.

We were all stupid as kids, but there were limits. I can’t fathom how they thought this would be a good idea, but here we are.

Teaching kids about firearm safety, and respect for firearms, should be something that is done in every household.

It’s a terrible thing to have happened, and hopefully a learning experience for at least a few people out there.

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