Security Guard Stops Armed Robbery At T-Mobile Store, Shoots Robber Twice


DETROIT, MICHIGAN — It is a sad indictment of our country when security guards are needed at cell phone stores. Nonetheless, such things exist. Fortunately for this T-Mobile store in Detroit, not only did they have a security guard, but the guard was also armed.

According to authorities, a man attempted to rob the store but was shot twice by a security guard.

Police said the attempted robber fled the scene through the parking lot and into a nearby neighborhood.

Via ClickOn Detroit

If you click the link and watch the video, there is a lot more details than from the text portion of the article. Most interesting is the security guard on duty fired 13 shots, while hitting is target twice. Moving targets aren’t easy to hit, but perhaps the guard could use a little more range time.

Once the robber exited the store, he wandered into a nearby neighborhood to hide from police. The police followed blood trails as they searched for him and were surprised to find he circled back to the scene of the crime. Why you might ask? Because a hospital was located right next to the T-Mobile.

The Robber checked himself in for gunshot wounds, and the police easily found him and arrested him at the hospital.

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