Woman Is Incredibly Lucky After A Bad Decision During Armed Robbery


I hate to say it, but you can be a target in the middle of the day. Bad guys don’t take time off just because the sun is out, and while it’s unfortunate, we truly need to pay attention to our surroundings and realize appropriate measures to take if we’re in a situation like the one below.

A woman was out walking her dog when a vehicle pulls up, of which a man with a gun jumps out and steals the woman’s purse. She didn’t like that, and who would, but she makes the bad decision to chase after the guy. This leads to a very scary situation that played out in the seconds that followed, and she’s lucky to escape with just a broken arm.

Going after a person who just robbed you, who also has a gun in their hand, is a no-win situation and in that moment you should be getting distance between yourself and that armed suspect. Once the threat is leaving, it’s not worth it to give chase. Seeing your valuables disappear in the hands of a thief isn’t something anyone wants to see, but those items simply aren’t worth your life.

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