Hysteria: Woman Freaks After Seeing Background-Checked Uber Driver With Concealed Firearm

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — An Uber passenger felt unsafe after getting a glimpse of her driver’s concealed carry firearm, which apparently wasn’t very well concealed. “I don’t want Uber drivers to be carrying guns, I want to feel safe when I’m in the car with somebody,” says Kit Graham, pictured above.

Graham then goes on to say that, while she felt uncomfortable after seeing the gun, the driver could have simply had the gun in his glove box. “If he feels the need to have a gun on him, for whatever reason, it could be in the glove box and not visible to the passengers, it just made me really uncomfortable,” Graham says.

Graham is obviously not too fond of firearms, and that’s fine. And if the story is true, the driver isn’t very good at proper concealment, which is a big no-no when carrying concealed.

“They did explain to me that it’s clearly against the rules for an Uber driver to be carrying a weapon in the car with them and they said they were going to follow up with the driver, but I never heard back and I do think they refunded me for the cost of that trip but they weren’t very specific at all,” Graham says.

Carrying a firearm as an Uber driver, while on the clock, is against company policy. This Uber driver, in fact, was removed from their platform and now unable to give rides to people using the Uber service.

While I don’t agree with Uber’s no-firearms policy, I do believe in the old saying; Concealed Means Concealed. Just as Graham had alluded to earlier when saying that it wouldn’t have been an issue if the firearm were in the glove box out of sight, it also wouldn’t have been an issue if the driver were concealing properly.

And it also wouldn’t have been an issue if legally armed citizens weren’t the boogy man, but that’s a separate topic entirely.

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