Landlord Murders 2 Tenants, Injures Another Due To Unpaid Rent

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — I’m starting to think that we should have a ‘Why We Carry’ category for this website.

2 women are dead and a man injured after police say they were shot by their 78-year-old landlord for not paying rent on time. The suspect, Arnoldo Sanchez, was renting rooms to the three individuals when they got into an argument over rent that was overdue.

When police arrived, they found one woman outside, dead from apparent gunshot wounds. A man then came out of the home with gunshot wounds and was rushed to the hospital where he was in critical condition.

After some time, the suspect came out and was immediately placed under arrest. When police entered the home, a second woman was found. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

What went down will remain a mystery until more information is released, but it sure does bring up the conversation about being able to defend yourself if things go south. I know that we typically talk about this in the form of carrying a firearm, but there are multiple ways to defend yourself in a bad situation. Martial arts training, pepper spray, or simply removing yourself from a situation that looks like it could turn ugly.

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