Police: Felon Shoots And Kills Roommate, No Charges For Shooting

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA — An Oklahoma City man involved in a fatal shooting of his roommate has not been charged, pending further investigation.

The police department reported a shooting incident on Southwest 74th Street and South May Avenue, where a man allegedly shot and killed 20-year-old Matthew Harvey, according to KOCO News 5.

The suspect, a convicted felon, has been arrested for possessing a firearm, but not for the shooting itself.

Criminal defense attorney Clay Curtis explained that the case could involve a valid self-defense claim, which authorities are thoroughly investigating before presenting facts to the district attorney’s office.

Although the “stand your ground” law does not apply to convicted felons, they can still use self-defense if their life is at risk, Curtis clarified.

The decision to file further charges will be made by the district attorney following the completion of the investigation.

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