Philadelphia Publicly Posted Names of CCW Applicants, Must Pay $1.4 Million In Class Action Suit


The City of Philadelphia publicly posted the names and certain personal information of over 3,000 CCW permit applicants who were denied. A class action lawsuit was established to go after the city for this, stating that the applicants ran the risk of being targeted by criminals.

The settlement, which totals $1.425 million, will not provide a lot for victims of its poor policy, but it will pay something. And although the city didn’t admit to any wrongdoing in the settlement, it has agreed to make some changes in its policies. Applications must now be processed within 45 calendar days rather than 45 business days, and other changes are to be made as well. Among them are an agreement to refrain from disclosing future applicants’ information, and they will no longer ask for personal references nor pry into whether an applicant is a gun owner. – See more at:

In other parts of the country, similar events have taken place and opened up the lanes for criminals to target citizens who they deemed to be unarmed. One of the most notable cases of this information being released to the public was when The Journal News released over 33,000 pistol permit holders’ information, including their home addresses. This led to nationwide attention and the ultimate removal of the interactive list online.

In the case above with The Journal News, there were actually a string of robberies that were contributed to this release of personal information.


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