Inmate Freed Early Due To COVID, Murders Someone Within 2 Days

NEW JERSEY — It’s tough to leave your old ways behind sometimes, and this lowlife is no different. After being let out of jail early due to the COVID pandemic, he’d quickly return to his normal life of crime.

Jerry Crawford, 25, was serving time for burglary when he was let out on “public health emergency credits” to parole supervision on Nov. 4, prison officials confirmed to NJ.com Wednesday.

He has since been charged with the murder of Davion Scarbrough, 18, who was gunned down in Bridgeton on Nov. 6 — just two days after Crawford got out of South Woods State Prison, the outlet said.

via nypost.com

Crawford was already in custody when he was charged with the murder, after picked up on gun and theft charges.

In mid-2020, we first heard about inmates being released early due to the pandemic, and concern was raised. It wasn’t long before bad things started to happen, and more bad things started to happen, and so on.

These ‘free passes’ of course don’t, as the majority, end in tragedy. It’s tough to decide who will behave themselves when released, but if they have a violent past, I say keep them where they are for the duration of their stay.

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