Occupy Democrats Launches Full-On Assault on the AR, And We Tear it Apart


I’m going to tell you something you likely already know.

Occupy Democrats is not an organization that you want to rely upon for your Second Amendment facts, figures, or really anything else.

Concealed Nation really has one political motivation — Second Amendment-friendly policy, obviously. We don’t like to stray too far from that zone. But if a political organization comes gunning — pun intended — for Second Amendment freedoms, it seems the least we can do to assess the validity of their claims.

They’re laughable, as you might imagine.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

Check out the political meme they shared below. The thing has been shared more than 50,000 times, meaning that the damage dealt to the voting community is substantial.

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Posted by Occupy Democrats on Monday, April 23, 2018

The meme is about the four people slain in a recent Waffle House shooting, which was a tragedy which has affected the lives of hundreds. However, it was not the tragedy that Occupy Democrats would have you believe it to be.

As “The Sound of Music” teaches us, the very beginning is a very good place to start — so let’s start there.

The attacker wasn’t supposed to have firearms in the first place. The shooter — who I will not name because I will not give him publicity here — was arrested last year after attempting to infiltrate the White House. Illinois revoked his license to carry firearms and authorities seized four guns from the man, NBC News reports.

Those guns were later returned to the shooter’s father, who then returned them to his son.

Bad move all around, and we see the consequences of that. What is certain, however, is that neither President Donald Trump or the NRA are responsible for the shooting deaths. Nor are “weapons of war” allowed on America’s streets. The AR-15 is not a military weapon, and frankly the issue has been so well-explored it’s not even worth breaking it down again.

Folks willingly aren’t getting the term “assault rifle,” and it’s as frustrating as ever.

On top of all of that — multiple homicides aren’t usual. Murders committed with rifles aren’t usual. This is a laughable, gross exaggeration.

According to Uniform Crime Reporting data, in 2016 19 times more murders were committed with handguns than rifles. That’s not saying that either is “OK” or “usual,” but Occupy Democrats are clearly just making things up as they go.

Share this story. Make it famous. Fake news can’t be responded to with silence.

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