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Bronx Convenient Store Clerk Surprises Armed Robber With Gun Of His Own

BRONX, NEW YORK — We’ve seen it play out countless times on television and in the movies. A bad guy goes into a convenience store with a gun and holds the clerk up, taking whatever money he can from the register, then walks out without much fuss.

Well, that scenario didn’t quite play out as this bad guy from the Bronx had intended.

Police say a store employee took matters into his own hands to stop an attempted robbery in Fordham early Sunday morning. They say a 26-year-old man walked into the store just before 1 a.m. and tried to rob it. Police say the 34-year-old employee pulled out a gun and fired at the attempted robber multiple times, hitting him.

Via Bronx News 12

The bad news, an innocent person got held up at gunpoint. The good news, that person was also carrying a firearm and had judicious marksmanship. Working in this neighborhood, the clerk must have known getting robbed was a possibility. He didn’t wait around to become a victim, he carried a gun and defended himself when the situation arose.

Furthermore, despite all the hurdles someone living in New York City must go through to get a handgun permit and a carry permit, the store clerk did everything legally. He took the time to go through the process so he could legally defend himself.

The police will not be pressing any charges against the clerk. The thief on the other hand won’t be so lucky when he recovers from his wounds.

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