Naked FL Man Carrying Bible Is Shot After Knocking On People’s Homes And Saying “Do You Want Some Of This?”

MIRAMIR, FLORIDA — A man, naked and carrying a bible, was knocking on apartment doors and apparently asking them “Do you want some of this?” while pointing to his penis.

Eventually, police received a call to say that the man had been shot.

Upon arrival, police found the man on the road bleeding profusely suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He was transported to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The shooter later called 911 and turned himself in.

via ocalapost.com

The unidentified man was taken to the hospital where he is in critical condition.

There was no mention as to who the person was that shot the man, nor if he or she will face any charges.

Unless the man had a weapon (unlikely, since he was naked) or was attempting to break into one of the apartments, it’s unlikely that lethal self-defense would be justified.

This is a good candidate for a less lethal use of force, such as pepper spray. Having options is always going to be of benefit to you. With very little details about the incident, it’s hard to tell what was happening in that moment, and what an appropriate response would have been.

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