Graphic Warning: Dashcam Video Shows Texas Mall Gunman Get Out Of Car And Open Fire

The suspect in yesterday’s mass shooting in Allen, Texas was captured on a person’s dashcam video as they were directly behind the suspect and his vehicle.

The still unidentified gunman, who was shot and killed by a police officer already at the mall on an unrelated matter, is seen exiting his vehicle and immediately opening fire on shoppers.

The video below contains Graphic Content and viewer discretion is advised.

This terrifying ordeal, which took the lives of 8 people and injured 7 others, is one of the exact reasons why we promote the importance of responsible concealed carry. Some of the folks who were gunned down likely didn’t stand a chance, but being able to stop a threat as soon as possible is always the best solution, and in these cases that typically requires a good guy with a gun.

The officer who shot the suspect saved countless lives, and is a true American hero for going towards the sound of gun shots.

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