California Walgreens Employee Fatally Shoots Attacker, No Charges Filed


SAN FRANSISCO, CALIFORNIA — A San Francisco Walgreens security guard accused of fatally shooting Banko Brown, 24, during an alleged shoplifting incident last Thursday has been released from jail after prosecutors decided not to pursue charges.

The district attorney’s office stated that a review of the evidence collected by the San Francisco Police Department indicated that the guard, Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony, acted in self-defense, believing he was in mortal danger, according to ABC 7.

The district attorney’s office said it would be unethical to bring forward charges when credible evidence supports reasonable self-defense.

On the day of Anthony’s release, Brown’s loved ones held a rally in San Francisco demanding what they feel to be justice, according to ABC 7.

Jessica Nowlan, a representative of the Young Women’s Freedom Center, criticized Walgreens for having armed security, stating that nothing in the store is worth a human life.

That’s completely and utterly not the point, and it’s bizarre anyone has to say that.

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