Teenager Shot During Vehicle Break-In By Armed Homeowner


FORT WORTH, TEXAS – A teenager allegedly caught in the act of breaking into a vehicle was shot by the homeowner on New Years Eve, according to Fort Worth Police. The incident occurred around midnight outside of a Hunting Green Drive home and the suspect was hit in the leg.

FWPD Officer Tracy Carter commented, “I guess he met the wrong homeowner last night,” speaking of the 19-year-old suspect, Braxton Criddle, adding “The male (Criddle) was taking to the hospital to be treated, and I’m going to say he’s probably not going to want to do that again. Criddle is facing a Class A misdemeanor charge of burglary into a vehicle.

As for the homeowner, it is not likely that he will face any charges. According to Carter, “He was very cooperative with the detectives and officers once they came out, and he will not be facing any charges at this time.” No further details were released, and it is not known if the suspect was armed with a weapon or if the physically threatened the homeowner.

As for Officer Carter’s comment about the suspect not wanting to do it again, chances are he will be proven wrong. The misdemeanor charge will result in little, if any, jail time and if the leg injury proves not to be debilitating, the chances that good that Mr. Criddle will be back in the business of trying to take things that don’t belong to him sooner than later.

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