8-Year-Old Shot While Trick-or-Treating, 2 Others Injured


HARLEM, NEW YORK — An 8-year-old girl was shot while trick-or-treating with father and sister. The trio were walking down the street in Harlem when gunshots rang out, and the father lunged at his daughters to try and get them to safety.

Video shows people begin to scatter at the sound of the shots, as well as the father’s actions and the little girl falling to the ground.

The girl was shot in the leg, and the father was shot in the arm. Another person was also injured with a gunshot wound to the arm.

There is no word if police know who was responsible, but it’s highly likely that the responsible party won’t be brought to justice.

In New York City, it’s common knowledge that the only people with guns are police and the bad guys, with extremely few citizens allowed to carry guns.

That creates a free-for-all environment for criminals, and many of these shootings go unpunished.

All of the people shot are expected to survive, thankfully.

But what a world we live in, where children can’t trick-or-treat without the threat of being shot by a stray bullet.

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