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Gunfire Exchanged Between Convenience Store Clerk And Robber; One Survives

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA — A man died from a gunshot wound to his leg, and it’s believed that he was shot as a result of an armed robbery that didn’t go quite as he had planned. In the end, an armed employee was ready and willing to defend against the threat that had presented itself.

The body of Derrick Malik Wiley, 21, was found in the 4200 block of Waterbury Road, off New Hope Church Road just west of Capital Boulevard.3

Investigators said Wiley was a suspect in a robbery of a Mini Mart in the 5500 block of Old Wake Forest Road. During that incident, a store employee exchanged gunfire with the robber.

Just as carrying at home is important, the same holds true for your place of employment. Many people shy away from carrying at work because of many different reasons, whether it be an employer frowns upon it or any legal issues that may arise.

From experience with writing on many self-defense stories that happen at the workplace, it’s safe to assume that carrying at work isn’t a bad idea at all. Of course there are some places that are targeted more often, such as gas stations, but that doesn’t exclude a less likely target from being… well, targeted.

While we always believe that part of being a responsible gun owner is abiding by the laws, it’s important for us to fight against any laws that would do something like prohibit the carrying of a firearm at a certain location. These fights are sometimes successful, and it’s the only way that we can get the laws to change.

This employee happened to be working at a location that wasn’t restricted under law for carrying a firearm, but what if this had happened at a place that was? Chances are, an armed citizen wouldn’t have been around to stop the bad guy.

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