Why We Carry: 3 Employees Shot During Shift Change, Suspect Flops Like A Fish After Being Shot By Police

ANTIOCH, TENNESSEE — Three people were shot when a gunman came to their place of employment during a shift change and opened fire. The suspect, identified as an employee of the same location, was shot by police after he pointed his gun at them on the street nearby. The suspect died from his injuries.

The incident happened just after 6 a.m. Tuesday.

The three employees shot were identified as 46-year-old Johnny Hardin, 66-year-old Carlton Watson and 54-year-old Thomas Abbott. Hardin and Watson are security guards, and Abbott is a manager. Hardin is in critical condition and Watson is stable. Abbott was treated and released.

The video below shows the suspect firing on the employees, as well as his deadly encounter with police that ended the incident.

Given that the suspect was an employee at the location, he was likely aware that armed security was on the grounds. I’m under the impression that the suspect wasn’t looking to survive this incident, but its anyone’s guess at this point.

The armed security on-site was able to successfully keep the suspect out of the building, likely saving lives in the process. It is believed that the armed security struck the suspect during the exchange of gunfire.

SmileDirectClub released the following statement;

“SmileDirectClub is saddened at the shooting that took place at its manufacturing facilities this morning. The incident was contained quickly by security personnel on site. The safety of our team members is a top priority for our Company and we maintain strict security protocols and a no weapons policy at all of our facilities. We are working with the local police as they investigate this matter.”

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