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[VIDEO] Years Of Neighbor Disputes Leads To Gunfire Through Fence

An 8-year feud between neighbors ended in gunfire a few months ago and left one of those neighbors shot. Prosecutors announced that they would not be filing charges against the man who pulled the trigger, saying that the shooting was a justified case of self-defense.

Jeffrey Weigle, 59, was the man who wound up critically wounded in the June 27 incident when he pulled out his handgun while riding his tractor next to his neighbor’s property.

That neighbor, 49-year-old Dean Keller, only had a fence between himself and Weigle. When faced with a gun, he had no choice but to draw his own pistol and fire.

The incident was captured on home surveillance video, which you can see above. It was a feud with many dynamics, and happened over the course of years and many incidents. To get a full scope of the situation, read the history between the two neighbors here. Keller was carrying that day, and likely every day prior to the altercation. Whether there was ever anything that Keller did wrong in the past with Weigle, I’m not sure. What seems to be clear from the video, however, is that Weigle was the aggressor in this instance as soon as he displayed his firearm. Had he not done that, or rode away on his tractor, this whole thing would have been avoided. But would it have happened eventually, given the history? I can’t say for sure, but it looks like it was a doomed neighbor relationship from the beginning.
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