Reporter Denied Gun Purchase After Going To Walmart To See How Easy It Is To Buy A Gun

Sometimes, things backfire.

A reporter for Business Insider had recently tried to purchase a firearm from Walmart, in an attempt to see how easy, or how hard, the process is. It ended up being so frustrating for her, she gave up.

Read the article above. It’s good.

First, she had a difficult time figuring out which stores actually sold firearms. Turns out, it’s about half. Once she found a store, she immediately encountered a problem.

On the day she went, the authorized employee who sells firearms wasn’t there. She needed to come back in 2 days.

Then, her trouble really began.

When she went back, she was impressed with how thurough the employee was. Very diligent, adhering to store policies and all laws, and making sure that everything was done properly.

She filled out the info for the background check.

And failed. It would prove impossible for her to purchase a firearm.

The hiccup came in the form of her address not matching what the background check had. She recently moved and hadn’t updated her ID to reflect the new address. That was enough for not being able to make the purchase.

She gave up and went home, and mentioned that it may have been easier to go toma gun shop instead. It may have a better selection, but she’d still be denied a purchase without the proper identification.

We already know what to have in order before making a firearm purchase, and that includes having up to date identification.

I’m not bashing her, but it’s important for America to understand that its a rather in depth process to legally purchase a firearm.

Translation; we don’t need stronger background checks.

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