Mom/Security Guard Duo Thwart Child Abduction In Iowa


DES MOINES, IA — An attempted child abduction was stopped by a lawfully-armed parent and a security officer at a skywalk in Des Moines, according to reports.

The incident occurred in a public skywalk in the first week of January, according to WHO 13.

The suspects, a man and woman, allegedly attempted to abduct the child of the manager of the Hubble Tower Apartments.

The suspects had been observed walking continuously in front of the apartment’s skywalk entrance when they were confronted by the manager, Shay Lindberg. Lindberg, who had her child with her, asked the two if there was an issue.

One of the suspects reportedly grabbed Lindberg’s child.

Lindberg struggled with the suspect and then produced a lawfully carried handgun, ordering them to release her child. The suspects were trailed by a Per Mar security officer contracted to patrol the skywalk area. The suspects eventually boarded a bus and left the area.

The skywalk is a public access area that is patrolled by Per Mar security after a couple was assaulted. The area has a homeless population.

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