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Man Shot And Killed In Apparent Self-Defense After Brandishing Fake Gun


TAMPA, FLORIDA — A man was fatally shot after brandishing a fake handgun outside of a home in Tampa’s Lowry Park North neighborhood.

Around 11:30pm police responded to a call regarding shots fired on the 8500 block of North Hamner Avenue. Police found a man suffering from gunshot wounds to his chest. The police performed life saving measures until the emergency services arrived. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

The shooter cooperated with the police and explained what happened. The shooter was sitting in his car when he saw the victim get out of another vehicle and tuck a handgun into the waist of his pants. The victim came up to the car and tapped on the window.

The shooter lowered his window and the victim shouted something unintelligible before pointing his gun at the shooter. The shooter at this time grabbed his own gun and shot the victim. The police identified the victim’s handgun as a fake firearm.

The shooter stated that he was in fear of his life as he thought the other man was going to shoot him. Investigators are still investigating as they have stated that the attack was not random.

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