Get Prepared Ahead Of Time: Gun Shops Near Search Perimeter For Escaped Killer See Increase In Gun Sales

Editorial note: Since this article was published, Danelo Cavalcante has been captured. It’s no surprise that an increase in gun sales was seen during his 2-week run from the law, but it should serve as an important reminder to be prepared before situations arise. During the manhunt, multiple homes were entered by Cavalcante, who was looking for food and other items to survive. Any one of those incidents could have turned violent. One homeowner fired 7 shots at him after he broke into a garage, yet he wasn’t hit with any of the rounds and managed to escape the garage with a rifle.

Prepare today to be ready for tomorrow.

Original article:

CHESTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA — Since the prison escape of Danelo Cavalcante on August 31st, Chester County gun shop owners, including those at Gordon’s Sport Supply, report a rise in individuals seeking firearms for self-defense. The shop, situated near the ongoing search area, has seen existing gun owners pursuing more manageable firearms for potential confrontations with the escaped convict, who is now believed to be armed.

Retired FBI agent Brad Garrett emphasized that Cavalcante’s current armament introduces new complexities for the law enforcement teams scouring the heavily wooded region. The potential for ambush necessitates heightened vigilance, inevitably slowing the search progress. Garrett anticipates the recent confrontation with a homeowner and the consequent tip-off might signal the nearing end of the manhunt.

Meanwhile, local residents are increasingly anxious, hoping for a swift resolution to the crisis. Despite the mounting tensions, Garrett warns against attempts by citizens to intervene, which could potentially obstruct official search efforts and escalate the danger. He also hypothesized that Cavalcante is likely aiming to avoid detection, minimizing the likelihood of a random shooting spree in the community.

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