New Social Media Trend Has Police Warning Teens That Their Actions Can Get Them Shot

Editor’s Note: This article was revised to correct that these incidents are labeled as part of a ‘Social Media Trend’, and not specific to any one social media platform.

In Friendswood, Texas, the local police department is addressing the negative impacts of a new social media challenge known as the “Door Knock challenge.” This trend involves teenagers banging or kicking on people’s doors late at night, causing distress and damage. The department has shared doorbell camera footage on Facebook, showing youths engaging in this activity, with instances of property damage, including a case where a teenager used a 5-gallon water jug to hit a door.

One 77-year-old victim, Gwen, expressed her fear and frustration to local news station FOX 26 Houston, describing the experience as “scary,” “frightening,” and “terrifying.” She also faces a repair bill of $2,500 for damage to her door.

Authorities, including Fort Bend County Constable Precinct 3 Chief Deputy Jimmy Evans, have expressed concerns about the potential criminality and dangerous consequences of this challenge. Evans likened the trend to an extreme version of “ding, dong, ditch,” warning that it could lead to tragic outcomes if homeowners mistake the prank for an attempted burglary.

Friendswood police are working to identify the perpetrators, believed to be teenage males, and are urging victims to report incidents, especially if they have video evidence.

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