[VIDEO] Concealed Carrier Does Everything Right During Traffic Stop, Is Handcuffed And Vehicle Searched


When we discuss the recommended ways to handle a traffic stop when you’re pulled over and carrying a firearm, this guy did everything right. All on video, I couldn’t find an instance where he did something that wasn’t recommended, yet he was still handcuffed and had his vehicle searched without consenting to a search.

On March 22, 2019, [Steve] Sanson, a CCW holder since 2003, was pulled over by Officer Pinal for speeding.  Attached to this story is body camera video of the incident. Sanson, tells the officer up that he is a CCW holder and has a firearm in the car, as required by law. Officer Pinal proceeds to ask Sanson to get out of the car, searches him and places him in handcuffs.

Officer Pinal asks Sanson “is it OK if I reach in and grab it ?” (referring to his insurance and registration). Sanson says “no”.

Sanson told the officer he did not have permission or probable cause to search his car. Officer Pinal responds saying “I am not going to search your vehicle, but I can frisk it”. The video shows Officer Pinal using his flashlight vigorously searching the vehicle. The officer never mentions any probable cause or crime Sanson is being charged with which may have supported the allegedly unlawful search of Sanson’s vehicle.

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You can watch the interaction in the videos below, and make a determination yourself. Was the officer in the wrong? How would you have felt if you were Sanson?

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