Moms Demand Action Literally Chases Down Kroger Execs At Their Annual Meeting

There comes a point when you have to label a group as nuts. It doesn’t matter if you’re for or against Moms Demand Action; they are making it apparent that they will go to great lengths to try and strong-arm businesses into agreeing with them publicly.

Executives and investors of Kroger were followed by the group while they were attempting to hold their annual investor relations meeting. By their own admission, they told a story of how they searched for the Kroger folks after they made a point to try and get away from the Moms.


I’m not sure what needs to happen for the Moms to get the hint, but it’s getting a little ridiculous. If they haven’t responded by now, they probably don’t want to. The only thing that the Moms are accomplishing at the moment are making their entire operation look like it’s run by a group of crazy people.

For the last several months, the group has been harassing Kroger and trying to get them to announce a ban on firearms inside their locations. They’ve even been turned down, likely on more than one occasion.

Where does this cross over to harassment? If a group of people were following me in this fashion, I’d be calling the police.

Earlier this month, I wrote an open letter to the CEO of Kroger to share my thoughts on the topic. I haven’t heard back, and I’m ok with that.

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