Nightclub Fight Turns Deadly, Security Guard Shoots, Kills Armed Man

TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA — Nightclubs are a mix of alcohol, high energy, and sexual aspirations; which makes them a common place for fights to break out. Many such places require security guards to police these fights from getting out of control. Thankfully, this particular club in Tampa had armed guards on hand. If they didn’t, more people could have ended up being killed.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said a fight broke out in the parking lot at 4203 Waters Avenue after the Aqua Lounge closed for the night.

Two security guards responded to the fight to attempt to break it up. During the altercation one of the patrons reportedly pulled out a gun, which is when one of the security guards shot and killed him.


Currently police are not pressing any charges, and the security guards are fully cooperating. It seems that when the nightclub let out, some people weren’t ready to walk away from whatever transpired inside. A fight broke out in the parking lot by an unknown number of club-goers, and the club’s security guards promptly went out to break it up.

While the guards attempted to break up the fight and separate the two parties, one of those involved in the melee pulled out a firearm. This is when one of the security guards acted quickly by drawing his own weapon and firing at the armed man.

Depending on how many people were out in that parking lot and involved in the fight, this could have easily led to multiple people being shot and killed. Thankfully one of the guards was armed, and when he saw that people’s lives were in danger, he acted promptly to end the threat.

Unfortunately, the man who was shot later died of his wounds at the hospital. It is often discussed in firearm communities about how alcohol and firearms don’t mix. We have no idea if this person was inebriated, but since he just left from a place where people go to drink alcohol, it is worth mentioning.

Either way, it is absolutely imperative to be able to control your emotions and anger when carrying a firearm. Legally, it is a self defense weapon., and should only be used as such. Despite who started the fight or who the aggressor was, once security arrived to step in, the need for self defense would seem to be eliminated; or at the very least severely diminished.

We salute the security guard for acting quickly and having good marksmanship to end the threat quickly without injuring other bystanders.

A word to concealed carriers everywhere; If you can, the best thing to do –always– is to get out of danger. Get to a safe place. Walk away. Call police. It’s not worth it, especially if you’re able to remove yourself from the situation.

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