Looting Spills Out Into St. Paul, Live Video Shows Clashes Between Protesters And Police

From an armed citizen standpoint: If you’re in any of these areas, stay home.

The below live-stream is showing looters moving from store to store, with occasional clashes with police. Their feeds may change, but are currently showing 3 live streams from the city.


Since we’re a concealed carry website, here’s what we think when we see these types of situations unfolding: The looting and destruction is unnecessary, and citizens should be finding ways to defend themselves while staying away from the places of conflict. Securing your home is important, and making sure you have a plan of defense is an important thing to consider.

This behavior is likely to spread from city to city, as we’re only a few days into the initial protests.

TO BE CLEAR: We do not condone the actions of the officer(s) responsible for George Floyd’s death.

This aftermath of destruction, however, does not serve a purpose that is beneficial to the initial cause of protesting his death.

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