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After Nearly Killing Two People, Crazed Man Is Stopped By Good Samaritan With A Gun

BOONEVILLE, MISSISSIPPI — It was his second attempted murder in the Booneville area that day. The yet to be named assailant was being looked for by police for an earlier incident. A Good Samaritan had spotted and followed the man and when the assailant tried to murder another person, the armed Samaritan stepped in and put an end to the violence.

When the suspect went to a nearby residence and started assaulting a female, the caller confronted the suspect and shot him twice. Deputies arrived shortly thereafter and incapacitated the suspect. Tolar said the actions likely saved the woman’s life.

While waiting for ambulances to arrive, the suspect admitted he had beaten an elderly man nearby in his shop. Deputies responded to that address and found the man clinging to life.

“Presently, charges have been filed against the suspect for two counts of attempted murder,” Tolar said. “He will be transported back to Prentiss County upon his release from the The Med in Memphis.”

Via Daily Journal

Although this shooting took place early in the morning, the carnage started the night before. Police responded to an altercation but were unable to locate the suspect. Early the next morning our Good Samaritan spotted the suspect acting strangely and followed him. He called the police and remained on the line with them updating them with the location of the suspect.

While our good guy continued to follow the suspect, things turned violent. The suspect attacked a woman at her home and was seemingly beating her to death. Unable to wait for police any longer, our good guy got out of the car and shot the suspect twice.

The suspect survived the two shots, and later confessed to beating another man to near death earlier. The police went out to investigate that claim and found a man barely clinging to life. The Good Samaritan not only saved the woman’s life, but by stopping this madman and getting a confession, he also saved another man’s life miles away.

No names have been released of any of the victims, Good Samaritan, or suspect.

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