Man Goes On Killing Rampage After Punching His Boss In The Face


POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA — A man was arrested after he went to a home shared by multiple people, armed with a baseball bat and a knife, and started attacking.

The first victim was beaten to death while they were sleeping in their bed, Judd said. The second victim was beaten significantly and is currently at a local hospital in “extremely critical condition.”

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said this victim is not expected to survive due to the “horrible nature of his injuries.”

A third victim was found dead on the front porch of the home, according to the sheriff. The fourth victim was chased into the street and was hit by Runyon with the baseball bat in the shoulder and back area, but is doing well.

via The Free Press

The suspect is an employee of an electric company out of Pennsylvania, and was down here on work. He is said to have known all of the people inside the house where the attack took place.

Three other people, including a child, were able to escape unharmed.

Before the attack, it was reported that the suspect got into a fight with his boss, punching him in the face.

3 hours after the attacks, the suspect showed up at a random home covered in blood. He told the people there that he had been raped and needed to go to the hospital. Police arrested him shortly after.

Everyone at the home where the attacks took place were either coworkers of the suspect, or the family of coworkers. Against a baseball bat and knife, I’d choose a firearm. Sadly, no one at the home seemed to have been armed, and this Rampage was allowed to continue for far too long.

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