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Armed Robbery Suspect Fatally Shot By Alert Homeowner Outside Residence

JACKSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA – A homeowner shot and killed a man who is believed to have shot him first in a strange chain of events. The incident occurred at 12 Bailey Drive, Lot 3, where Onslow County Sheriff Office deputies responded to a call reporting a shooting victim.

When they arrived, they found Xavier Jameel Newkirk, 28, with two gunshot wounds.  He was seated in the driver’s seat of his vehicle, which was parked beside his residence. He was transported to the U.S. Naval Hospital at Camp Lejeune for medical treatment, where he is listed in stable condition.

Deputies also found a deceased male lying approximately 80 yards away from the victim’s residence, in an open space between Lot 2 and the roadway. He was wearing dark clothing, a ski mask, and latex gloves.

Newkirk told investigators that he had been at a local nightclub and had returned home. His dog was barking excessively, prompting him to arm himself and go outside to investigate.  He said that he was immediately confronted and shot by an unknown subject. He then returned fire in the direction of the person but told investigators that he was not sure if he hit anyone.   

The deceased male is identified as Andrew James Bowden, 32, of Kenansville. Deputies have determined that he is one of two suspects in what they are calling an attempted home invasion and armed robbery. The handgun belonging to Newkirk was recovered, as was a rifle from the mobile home park’s driveway.

The investigation is continuing, as investigators believe that an additional unidentified suspect was involved in the incident. is believed to be involved.

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