The Top 5 Biggest Stories On Concealed Nation In 2019

As we welcome our 7th year bringing you firearm-related stories and concealed carry training and goodness, let’s take a look back at the 5 most popular stories from 2019.

All 5 stories include armed citizens defending themselves and others against an attack. This isn’t news to us, as we see these events unfold every single day in our Country.

#5 – At Least 5 Armed Churchgoers Are Seen On Video Following Shooting, One Victim Possibly Armed As Well

#4 – Gunman On Rampage At Walmart Is Shot And Killed By Two Concealed Carriers

#3 – *WARNING: GRAPHIC* Video Show Moments Before And After West Freeway Church of Christ Shooting

#2 – Son Saves Family Of 6; Takes Out Armed Home Invader With Head Shot While Sisters Hide In Closet

#1 – Man Uses AK-47 Against 5 Home Invaders, Killing 3 And Injuring 2

For 2020, let’s take this fresh start to a new decade and help promote responsible and legal concealed carry and firearm ownership. The more responsibly armed citizens we have, the more we will hear of these successful self-defense stories.

And, maybe, violent crime will start to trickle down, as criminals everywhere realize that their chances of encountering an armed and trained citizen continues to increase with each passing day.

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