At Least 5 Armed Churchgoers Are Seen On Video Following Shooting, One Victim Possibly Armed As Well


In an incident that could have been much worse in Texas Sunday morning, surveillance video shows at least 5 churchgoers drawing their firearms and pointing them at a suspect who had just opened fire during the morning service.

The mass shooting in the works was thwarted inside West Freeway Church of Christ, which is located west of Fort Worth. Police say that around 10 am local time, a man opened fire inside the church with a shotgun during communion.

A security guard for the church, who is also reported to be ex-FBI, fired a single shot to take down the suspect after that suspect had fired twice.

The suspect killed 1 and injured another.

The security guard’s single shot at the suspect was fatal.

Video of the incident quickly popped up on social media, and shows what happened in the moments before and after the shooting.

From that video, which is just over 30 seconds long, we begin to notice a congregation that is prepared for such an event.

While watching over and over again, we were able to pick out a total of 5 churchgoers who drew their firearms immediately following the shooting, all trained on the downed suspect.

It’s very likely that many more were armed inside the church.

One of the people, who appears to have been shot by the suspect, also seems to have been reaching for his firearm in the moments before the first gunshot is heard.

It is too early to determine which one of the men, standing in the middle and to the left, was shot. However the man on the left does indeed look to be reaching for a firearm.

Given the choice of venue by the suspect, we have to wonder if he knew that armed security was on-site, and whether or not he was aware that many in the congregation would be carrying firearms.

Police have not determined a motive, and this investigation is still in it’s very early stages.

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